Lucy breaks down in tears as she’s advised by the prince


BBNaija2020 housemate Prince has told his friend, Lucy, regarding her reality show behaviour.
In the past few days, Lucy has been engaged in heated arguments with Nengi and Erica.

She and Nengi hurled insults at each other on Sunday night, after Nengi heard her muttering a few words about her in the bathroom.

Erica also insulted Lucy by describing her as a clown who has problems with most of her housemates.

Talking to Lucy who almost got into a fight with Erica again on Wednesday, Prince claimed most of the housemates blamed Lucy about how she lets out her feelings and behaves aggressively.

He advised her not to let emotions get in her way, but to control her emotions.

Lucy breaks down in tears as she's advised by the prince

Prince declared:

“Lucy you need to regulate your feelings, you know you’re despised by everyone and you tend to stay on the defensive.

“You are a great individual so people have different opinions and different understandings and you can’t fault them. You can’t get power of how people behave against you.

“You are a friend of mine and you have shortcomings like any other human, but you never know less of an individual

“Once we came here, we all were agemates, and are fair here. Should not allow the world’s evil trigger you to stop being healthy. That’s just who you are.

“Not everybody’s going to accept you and we can’t just be like each other.

“If you often suggest something and people don’t get it, it’s because the individual is trapped with what they believe.”

Lucy got upset and broke down in tears because most family members misinterpret her and don’t care while she’s spoken.

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