it was just a movie, i am not married – Angela Okorie

 At last Angela Okorie broke her silence about the supposed videos and photographs that came out of her new husband.

Recall that some pictures and videos of Nollywood actress’s expected beach wedding and her latest boyfriend showed up on social media.

Now, the actress has come forward to counter the claims that it has never been a beach wedding.

She claimed unequivocally in a post sighted on the actress’ page that she is not married and the videos and photographs that appeared online were only excerpts of a music video named “Baby Chuchu”

In an expanded caption,

She wrote; “You see why I said I wanted some of you to test your brain
I needed a fun video shoot for the wedding and I managed to do so.

You guys have the narrative moving. And this reveals exactly how inept it is. You ‘re dealing on your career. Once I was fired all showed up at the cost of my career. I stole the tale of somebody’s friend.

Stella also claimed the pellets were shielded by weavon from getting into my mouth. Even when they saw the pellets gone, at that time she also called one of the enemy’s dem friend to warn me to quit writing on my blog, because they want me to be dead at all costs. Una Is God? Ndiara. Ndiara.

Instead than hoping for me not to suffer, dem haters have begun to show off their inept skills. Also b4 b4 buddy enemies claimed that for this earth sha you are suffering from fate somewhere chaiii Angela.

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